Create Your Own Guys Trip: St. George (golf and adventure)

How to create a Guys Weekend in St. George, Utah


I recently went on a golf trip to St. George (middle of May).  I get a little bit of Scottsdale, AZ vibes from this place.  Maybe Scottsdale 20 years ago.

What I love:  proximity to a major US airport, warm weather, plenty of golf, proximity to Zion National Park.

I’ll outline our trip below, which was heavy on golf.  Then I’ll share some other thoughts on how you could do your own golf guys weekend or adventure weekend.  The location is great for both!

St. George is just a 2 hour drive from Vegas.  There is a regional airport in St. George with a few of the major US airlines flying in from Salt Lake, Denver and Phoenix. 

Our group arrived on a Thursday morning, picked up a sprinter van car rental and drove 90 minutes out to Mesquite and played Conestoga for an afternoon tee time. With a great location (on the way to St. George) and a great price tag (~$100) this is a good idea to stop on your way to St. George.

We stayed in Sandy, UT just outside of St. George.  There seems to be a heavy supply of AirBnBs in this area and not too many hotels.  We rented 2 five bedroom houses that were set in a newer subdivision.  Walmart, gas stations and fast food were a few miles away.  Nothing really in walking distance.

Friday morning we drive 20 minutes to play Sand Hollow.  There is a stretch of 3-4 holes on the back nine of this course that had jaw dropping views.  Major construction around the course with additions of residential units.  I gather this place will look very different in 3-5 years.

Remember, you’re in Utah now.  No drinks until 10am.

We played 36 here at Sand Hollow.  $180 for the morning round and $105 for the replay afternoon round.

Saturday morning we drove another 20 minutes out to Copper Rock.  A new course with new residences around it too.  Despite being new, they’ve hosted an LPGA tournament with more to come.  Really enjoyable course.  The layout doesn’t take the driver out of your hand as much as Sand Hollow does.  $165 for the round.

The afternoon round was at Sky Mountain which is surrounded by Zion National Park and the views were pretty incredible.   What was even more incredible was the greens fee: just $85!  No beverage service on the course.  This could have been a function of our later in the afternoon tee time.

Sunday morning we packed up our stuff and drove back to Mesquite (a stop on the way to Vegas) and played Wolf Creek.  Very challenging course and layout.  No beverage service on the course because of all the up and down tee boxes.  You’ll have plenty of elevation to deal with.  It’s a little gimmicky and I would’ve preferred GPS on the carts (sigh).  $215 price tag on the green fees.

After the round we carried on back to Vegas and had a late afternoon flight home!

Let’s break down the costs:
$1200 for sprinter van rental for all 8 of us, 3 nights AirBnB, and all the golf.  Add in snacks and food and it's probably right around $1,500 for the 3 night weekend.  Not too bad!

You could probably cut this down a bit by having all 8 guys in one AirBnB house.  IF it’s the right house and IF you have the type of guys that don't mind tight quarters.  We had 5 bedrooms.  1 of those bedrooms had 2 bunk beds in it (could’ve slept 4 in there).  Though, that’s tight for grown men.  But if you’re on a budget, who cares?!  You could get your costs to probably $800 by bunking up!

Not big on golf?
Cut out some golf and head over to Zion National Park!  Explore the park!  Hike!  Mountain bike!  The beauty of the St. George area is the proximity to outdoor adventure!

I'm a big fan of St. George and I'm sure I'll go back!  Golf was very reasonably priced.  But next time I go, I'll be adding a trip to Zion!