Guys Trip: The Beginning

Have you ever been to a personal or professional development conference?  You know, where you sit in a large (windowless) conference room with a few hundred or thousand others and listen to speakers all day from 8am - 5pm with little breaks?

Guys Trip founder, Kyle Depiesse, got frustrated with this style of learning and usually found that he would skip the afternoon sessions of those events and instead go surfing, golfing, hiking or whatever other adventure was available.  Afterall, you could probably catch the keynote on YouTube anyway!

Kyle spent 13 years in Corporate America attending all these development and leadership conferences and thought there was a better way to learn and connect.  After burning out in Corporate America, he became a High School Business teacher and became obsessed with the process of uncovering learning.  After 2 years of teaching, Kyle was promoted to a stay at home dad!

Soon after, these Guys Trips moved from an idea to a reality.  Our inaugural trip was in 2019 and we are just getting started!

To learn more about Kyle and Guys Trip, read the blog post below.