Chile·November 1 - 6 2025

Hiking in Patagonia

Awe-inspiring landscapes, challenging trails, remote wilderness, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences ALL IN ONE TRIP!



We are heading to Patagonia to offer a once in a lifetime hiking adventure! This is why: Spectacular Scenery: Patagonia is renowned for its stunning and diverse landscapes, including towering mountains, glaciers, fjords, and expansive grasslands. The region's natural beauty offers unparalleled opportunities for immersive hiking experiences. Challenging Trails: Patagonia boasts a network of challenging and varied hiking trails suitable for adventurers of all levels. Remote Wilderness: Much of Patagonia remains wild and relatively untouched, providing hikers with a sense of isolation and immersion in pristine wilderness. The vast expanses of unspoiled nature create a feeling of adventure and exploration. Unique Wildlife: Patagonia is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including guanacos, condors, pumas, and unique bird species. Hiking in the region offers opportunities to encounter and observe these fascinating creatures in their natural habitats. Cultural Experience: Patagonia is rich in culture and history, with indigenous communities and gauchos (South American cowboys) adding to the region's unique charm. Hikers have the opportunity to learn about local traditions, cuisine, and way of life while exploring the area.


This trip will be led by Guys Trip Founder, Kyle Depiesse!

Kyle Depiesse

Kyle Depiesse

Husband, Father and entrepreneur.  Driven by a passion to create experiential learning for all participants.  After 13 years of Corporate America, Kyle got burned out climbing the ladder and chasing what he thought was his definition of success.  Only to find out, he was climbing the wrong ladder.

After a season of teaching in the public school, Kyle took the ultimate promotion to a stay at home dad!  From there, he started designing transformational containers for guys to step in to and help them define their own version of success while going on epic adventures with other world-class guys!



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Hiking in Patagonia

Chile· November 1 - 6 2025· 5 nights