90% of all the time you get with your kids will be BEFORE they're 18 years old.

Perspective on time as a parent: the 90% rule


90% of all the time I will ever get with my son will be before he's 18 years old.

Here's my math (it's not perfect).

I'm assuming I will live until I'm 80.  At that time, Cal will be 43 (that's how old I am now, ironically).

I broke our time together into three life stages using these ages for Cal:

0-18 (under our roof years).

18-22 (college years).

22-43 (adult years).

Here are my assumptions:

Adult years:  we'll see him 4x per year at 5 days each time.  Hopefully we live near each other, but that's not really up to us.

College years:  he'll come home for the summers and that's 10 weeks total per year.

Under our roof years:  we've got him 24/7/365!

Ask anyone who has kids out of the house right now (empty nesters) and they probably would tell you "time goes fast" or "enjoy this time" or "I wish I would've made that game or that event".  I think they are referring to this way of looking at time with their kids.  They would like that time back!

Sometimes I get caught up in comparing myself to others who are building, creating and scaling businesses.  But then I get perspective like this.  This time is precious and we are trying to be as intentional and present as we can, squeezing as much as we can (even though we often fail).

Parents with littles in the house, I hope this encourages you today!